Testimonials From Kingston Dog Owners

It is without hesitation that I recommend Wade MacVicar to anyone looking for a qualified and dedicated dog trainer. You see the results even after the very first session. Wade doesn’t just focus on training your dog; he also gives you lots of tips and advice to help you communicate more efficiently with your pet. Wade shows such an incredible passion for what he does and you can tell he truly cares about the dogs he works with. This is evident as soon as you see him slip a leash on your dog. I would highly recommend Wade to help you and your pet with any behavioural or obedience issues you might be having.

—Megan Moore

After going through 12 weeks of obedience training with another academy, Saydi did not have the level of obedience I hoped  for. She still pulled on leash, and her off leash behavior was less than satisfactory. The program I was in before slowly built on basic commands but did nothing for the real-world scenarios and distractions we would encounter. After contacting Wade, Saydi’s leash issues were resolved in literally 10 minutes! I can even call her off chasing squirrels now! Wade has brought my dog to a new level of obedience in less than a week of training. Awesome trainer! I’m referring everyone I know to him!

—Shawn Holder

We really enjoyed the time you spent with us – your techniques made a lot of sense! You made us comfortable in explaining our challenges and didn’t make us feel silly when you pointed out the mistakes we were making, what we need to do instead and helped us understand why that works. With practice things have really changed for us…we now have a very content dog, and a much less chaotic time at home and out on walks! Can’t wait to start the Off Leash Training – I’m imagining lots of long fun country walks in our future – without worrying about Buddy’s behavior off leash – with your help I know we’ll get there!

—Tina Clarkson

A natural talent with dogs. Wade knows how to get your dog to know what you need from him and he let’s you know what your dog needs from you. Basically, he teaches you how to speak to your faithful, furry friend, in a language he understands.

—Tammie Boomhour

We approached 3 trainers and no one would give us the time of day… Couple that with being pregnant with your first child and an unhappy pack… Very discouraging… Until we met Wade! He is knowledgeable, patient, and down-to-earth. I would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat!! We’ve seen great results in only 3 sessions and he was always available for consult on any issues we were having. I am so much more confident about bringing a baby into our pack, our dogs have made leaps and bounds in their training.. So proud and thankful!! 🙂

—Danielle Forsyth