Private Training

With all private training options, you’re given private and personalized attention from Wade on how to help you find the peace and harmony with your dog that you so desire! It’s not as hard as you might think!


Leash Lessons (2 Sessions)

This package is ideal for dogs who are mostly well behaved, but have some bigger issues on leash such as powerful pulling, barking, lunging, growling, frequent marking and overall frantic behaviour on leash.

Dogmanship Essentials (3 Sessions) 

This program is ideal for dog owners struggling with a few minor behaviour issues and would like an approach to behaviour modification that handles them all! This program address your dogs behaviour problems while replacing it with calm, cooperative behaviour. This program promises to give you a dog who you enjoy being around again!

Total Dog Approach (6 Sessions)

The Total Dog Program is designed for more intense behaviour issues and a more comprehensive look at obedience. If you want a dog who you can be proud of, take anywhere and KNOW they will listen ON or OFF leash, this is the program for you!